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The Fun, Funky Way to Keep your Fruit Cool and Safe Whatever You're Doing!

      Westminster joins forces with Fruity Faces to help improve

   your childrens health.

We all know how important it is that children eat a balanced diet. The current "five-a-day" scheme aims to increase consumption of fruit and veg, but the Department of Health tells us that on average children in the UK are still only eating TWO portions a day at present.

Fruity Faces inflatable fruit cases are designed to encourage children to eat more fruit. Fruity Faces give a fun, positive, cool and trendy image to eating fruit, protect the fruit in transit and are robustly made to withstand the rigours of the playground.

Research has shown that eating a piece of fruit at break-time or as part of the midday meal improves children's behaviour and increases attention spans in the classroom, leading to improved performance, healthier and happier children.

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